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Dear Harry Hill

I know you must be really busy but please, please take a minute to help me. I am a twelve-year-old boy and I plan to be a comedian when I grow up but recently I’ve sort of lost my touch. Has anyone ever cried when you told them a joke? If so, how did you overcome the problem? Please write back because I really need your help.

Yours sincerely

Philip Wright

BestmedicinecoverThat’s a pretty typical letter from 12-year-old wannabe comedian Philip.

He’s a super fan of Harry Hill and his life is pretty swell.

Philip gets on with his mum and school is fine, despite all the usual problems – girls, teachers, the school bully and accidentally setting himself up as a poet… you know, the usual problems.

However, that all changes when his mum is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Bad enough that your mother is seriously ill, but could she have found a more embarrassing kind of cancer?!

Philip does his very best to help cope with the situation and help his mum and the results are both hilarious and very touching.

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