Check out the brand new The Demon Headmaster book: Total Control by Gillian Cross and look at the new covers!

The Demon Headmaster is back!

Something strange is happening at Lizzie’s school… Suddenly, everyone’s really good at everything!

Her classmate Ethan is now incredible at football; her brother is suddenly an expert in robotics; and Lizzie has become really good at being bad.

But when she tries to remember what awful thing she’s just done, all she has is a blank space in her mind…

Where have these amazing skills come from? And why can’t anyone talk about them?

It’s almost as if the pupils have no control over themselves, and as if it could have something to do with the brand new headmaster…

The Demon Headmaster is back and he’s just as scary as before! 

The books were published ages ago – they’re over 30 years old. Unfortunately for the pupils of one school, the Demon Headmaster has returned, and he’s up to his usual trouble!

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The book has been stunningly redesigned since it was first published all of those years ago!

Check out the new cover designs below…

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