Check out the Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures story books!

Perfect if you're 4-8 years old!

You might have seen the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel, hosted by Jaime…

Well, now your favourite yoga adventures have been turned into books!

There’s four in the series and they’re perfect if you’re 4-8 years old!

You can get to know the Cosmic Kids characters and learn amazing yoga poses!

Each book is also all about a different area of wellbeing.

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Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies

cosmic-kids-yoga-adventure-norris-the-baby-seahorse-takes-on-the-bull-9781780289564_hrThis is about self-confidence and dealing with bullying.

Meet Norris, who’s so excited to be joining the Best Fish in the Sea club. Unfortunately, there are a few bullies in the club who do their best to make him feel bad about himself.

With the help of his true friends, Norris learns to take pride in who he is, long nose, slow swimming and all. He starts up the I Love Being Me club, and soon finds that everyone wants to be friends with him.

Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar

cosmic-kids-yoga-adventure-lulu-the-lion-learns-to-roar-9781780289571_hrThis is about managing feeling frustrated and angry.

We’re off to Tanzania to meet Lulu, a lion cub who’s not quite learned how to roar yet.

This makes her really sad and frustrated and taking it out on her friends just makes her feel even worse, so she learns ways of dealing with her emotions.

Then Lulu discovers that the volcano is going to erupt – her friends are in terrible danger! Can she find her roar in time to save the animals?

51cbcx3jqwl-_ac_ul320_sr256320_Twilight the Unicorn’s Sleeptime Quest

This is about using yoga to relax, especially at bedtime.

In this truly magical adventure we encounter Twilight the Unicorn in an enchanted night-time forest.

The mission is to scatter starshine and bring peaceful sleep and lovely dreams to all.

Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good

51psowsurql-_sx258_bo1204203200_This explores how we can encourages positivity in ourselves and others.

This is an adventure set in the Wild West with Sheriff Updown, the rabbit who takes on all the bad guys.

Luckily, he finds a secret weapon: a Zappy Happy that turns bad guys into good guys.

When we spread our inner love and positivity, we find that we can make all sorts of scary situations seem fine after all.

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