Check out Master Of Disguise by Jeremy Strong!

A brand new adventure for the Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog!

cover imageIf you love to laugh then you should definitely check out this book…

Master of Disguise is the latest in the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour dog series by the awesome Jeremy Strong!

Streaker, the fastest dog in the world, is on the run again!

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In Master of Disguise Dad wants to send Streaker to behaviour boot camp!

But Trevor and Tina reckon they can save her with some hair extensions and dye…

No wonder she’s trying to escape!

Plus there’s a mysterious pet-napper at large too!

This book is perfect for kids that love to laugh and they’ll be giggling from start to finish with the latest story from Jeremy Strong.

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You can also get your paws on a t-shirt just live Trevor’s in a special competition!

All you need to do is give Streaker her very own disguise.

Find out more info here!

It can be absolutely anything, so let your imagination run wild!

Click here to download the activity sheet and get disguising!

Once complete post it to the people at Puffin and fingers crossed the prize will be yours!

Get the address and all the other info here!

Master of Disguise by Jeremy Strong is out now! Click here to get your copy.


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