Check out City of Lifestone, the first book in the Warhammer Adventures: Realm Quest series!

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Brace yourself for City of Lifestone, the first thrilling story in the Warhammer Adventures: Realm Quest series!

For long ages, the once glorious Mortal Realms were assailed by the dread forces of Chaos, until the God-King Sigmar returned from High Azyr to drive back evil.

But even though a semblance of peace has returned to pockets of this vast magical setting, adventure and danger lie around every corner for the cautious and unwary alike…

Raised as a slave, Kiri dreams of one day living a better life.

That day comes when her barbarian captors are attacked by the noble Stormcast Eternals!

Seizing her chance, Kiri flees through a mysterious Realmgate to the fabled city of Lifestone.

There she meets a special group of children: Thanis the fighter, Alish the inventor, Kaspar the sneak and Elio the healer.

Together they must lift a terrible curse and save the city from darkness.

Plus, if you want a real treat, the audiobook is read by Billie Piper, star of television’s Doctor Who!

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