Check out Horrid Henry’s Cannibal Curse this Halloween!

It's the final collection of horrid stories!


Horrid-Henrys-Cannibal-CurseThere are 4 Horrid Henry stories for you to get stuck into this Halloween!

And they’re all packed in to one top book – Horrid Henry’s Cannibal Curse!
It’s our book of the month in the Book Club! There are loads in the book to get stuck into this Halloween. Henry conjures up an ancient curse to deal with his enemies in the title tale, Horrid Henry’s Cannibal Curse and Henry reveals his top tips in Horrid Henry’s Extra Horrid Guide to Perfect Parents.

Plus, there’s also Horrid Henry’s Bake-Off, where Henry and Margaret go head-to-head in a hotly contested baking competition, and Horrid Henry’s Bad Book, where Henry reads about Evil Edie – a really naughty girl not too dissimilar to himself!

Horrid Henry’s Cannibal Curse is the final collection of horrid stories and it’s out now.

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Horrid Henry text © Francesca Simon. Illustrations © Tony Ross. Published by Orion Children’s Books (an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton Limited, part of the Hachette Children’s Group)