Check out The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked!

It's a £1 World Book Day book!

the-boy-who-could-do-what-he-liked-world-book-day__portraitIt’s World Book Day on the 3rd March, and there are loads of books you can buy for £1! One of those is The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked by David Baddiel. Click here to find out more!

Alfie has a routine. To be honest, he has lots of routines. There’s the waking-up routine, the getting-dressed routine, the cleaning-his-teeth-in-the-morning routine, the getting-his-school-bag-ready-routine, and that’s all before 8:30 am!

But then one day Alfie’s usual babysitter is unavailable, and Alfie’s parents get Mrs. Stokes instead. Mrs. Stokes doesn’t do routines. Instead, she just tells Alfie to do what he likes, over and over again.

Eventually, Alfie decides to take her at her word. And that’s when things start to go weird.

Does everything get out of control and Alfie learn his lesson and realise that routines are really quite important to stick to after all?

The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked is a £1 World Book Day Book. Click here to find out more!

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