‘Don’t Wake Mr Bear’ and ‘I Don’t Believe It, Archie!’

For younger children

DontWakeMrBearDon’t Wake Mr Bear

By Jill Newton

An angry dormouse, sleepy bear and a bunch of partying wolves are the stars of this picture book.

Autumn has begun and the forest animals are getting ready for winter. It’s time to hibernate and the woodland orchestra begins to play a lullaby that will help them get to sleep.

Bossy Dormouse warns them all, “Don’t wake Mr bear” but when a pack of noisy party wolves turns up, the woodland orchestra soon finds it’s playing to a different, noisier beat. Poor old Mr Bear is unlikely to get his shut-eye this night, but will it be him, or Mr Dormouse, who minds the most…?

Look out for the wolves in Mexican hats, disco lights in the trees and Mr Bear’s very red and stripy pyjamas. Oh, and a very loud, and very angry, dormouse!

Published by Egmont – £5.99


For older children

IDontBelieveItArchieI Don’t Believe It, Archie!

By Andrew Norris

Archie is an ordinary boy to whom extraordinary things happen. Every day, something odd occurs to him. He could be walking down the road and find he has to release a trapped girl from a car, or visiting the library and discovers he is glued to the door handles!

With runaway pianos, leopards on the loose, dead dogs, mistaken identities, stolen handbags and a robbery, Archie has more packed into a shopping trip for a pint of milk than most people would see in a month.

Luckily, through all the mishaps, misunderstandings and chaos he inadvertently causes, Archie generally manages to come through, leaving good deeds rather than devastation in his wake, but will accidentally confronting bank robbers be an escapade too far…?

Published by David Fickling Books – £10.99


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