Dragon’s Green, a book about magic and friendship, is out now!

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Beat the back-to-school blues by finding out what one very special group of friends are getting up to in Dragon’s Green!

That’s the first in the Worldquake sequence, a trilogy of books all about magic and adventure!

If you had secret magical powers, how would you know?

Effie and her friends seem to be normal schoolchildren but when they discover their hidden Otherworld strengths, they are catapulted into the adventure of a lifetime…

After the Worldquake, magic is seeping into the Realworld.

Effie knows about magic – time in her grandfather’s library has made sure of that but there’s still much she has to learn.

Can she learn about the Otherworld and about the Diberi, a secret organisation with plans to destroy the entire universe, in time?

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The book is out now and you can even read an extract below!

You can also take a quiz to find out what your kharakter is – that’s basically what magical powers you have!

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