‘Elephant Pants’ and ‘Racoon Rage’

For younger children

Elephant Pants

By Smriti Prasadam-Halls, David Wojtowycz

ElephantPantsAge: 3+

What kind of pants do you think an elephant wears? What about gorillas, skunks and giraffes come to that? And what do the animals do when their pants go missing?!

All the animals aboard the ark are snoozing peacefully when there comes a cry – Major Trump the elephant has lost his knickers! Noah decides to solve the missing pants mystery by getting all the animals aboard to show what pants they are wearing.

‘On through the day went the underpants parade,
Till every animal on board had displayed.
Spotty and stripy and sporty and suede,
Itchy and scratchy and fussy and frayed.’

But sadly – Mr Trump’s knickers are still missing, until Mrs Noah accidentally solves the mystery.

Look out for the flamingo’s frilly pants, the gorilla’s sequined  glamour pants, very small mouse pants and the tiger’s super-strength drawers!

Published by Orchard Books – £11.99


For older children

Raccoon Rampage

By Andrew Cope

RaccoonRampageAge: 7+

The Hole in the Tree raccoon gang are smart, funny and very daring – but their escapades soon land them in lots of trouble with humans, cats, dogs and rats. So look out for lots of chasing, some daring thefts and much running (away).

These raccoons are out for what they can get – mostly food, but they are also keen on gadgets, furnishings and underpants. If there are any around for the taking, that’s just what they will do. First they raid the grocer’s shop but when the owner comes after them with guns and dogs, it’s off to the city for the Hole in the Tree Gang. But how will they fare against cars, cats and many, many people?!

This book has loads of adventures, some great jokes and four rascally raccoons who know how to get just what they want.

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books – £5.99


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