Ella and World of Norm

For younger children

Ella  – By Alex T Smith

EllaElla is a ladybird with a strangely familiar problem – two very horrible and spoilt wasp sisters who don’t want her to go to the ball. Yes, this is a fabulous retelling of the Cinderella story, by bugs.

Little Ella slaves away for her sisters (who NEVER say ‘thank you’) and she is always very tired. But all that is about to change as Pierre, a famous artist spider in Paris, is throwing a Grand Bug Ball at the Candelabra. Naturally, Ella and Pierre get to bump into each other and fall in love – but how can this romance blossom if Pierre doesn’t know who Ella is?

Look out for a special fairy godmother called Mrs Buzzbottom, some stylish sunglasses, stunning spotty bugs and a trés chic spider.


For older children

The World of Norm: May Cause Irritation – By Jonathan Meres

WorldOfNormIf you think you’re having a bad week, check out what’s up with Norm.

Norm knew it was going to be one of those days when he wore up and found himself standing at a supermarket checkout, totally naked…. That was just a dream though. The real nightmare is about to arrive at his front door – his perfect cousins are coming to visit!

His week doesn’t get much better – annoying younger brothers, a mobile phone from the Dark Ages, a dog called John and more time spent with his perfect cousins add to his gloom.

But when Norm dreams up a plan to get a new mobile phone involving an attempted dog-napping, blackmail and a very bad disguise, things get a whole lot worse…


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