‘Ellie May’ and ‘Metawars’

For younger children


Ellie May Would Like to be Taken Seriously for a Change

By Marianne Levy

Age: 7+

This book has film stars, makeovers, shopping, clothes and, surprisingly, quite a few worms.

Ellie May is a film star, a really, really famous film star, and she likes nothing better than a new pair of shoes, lots of attention and new handbags. And that’s exactly what she gets, as all famous film stars should, but when she realises that other people value things like the environment more, Ellie May decides it’s time to get serious.

What she needs is a cause and Lettice’s campaign to save the Newton Bingley Nature Reserve could be just the thing. But can Ellie May ever really care about worms, frogspawn and beetles more than make up, clothes and hats?

Look out for lots of shops, plenty of makeovers and the odd caterpillar in this fabulously funny story.

Published by Egmont / Jelly Pie – £5.99


For older children


By Jeff Norton

Age: 9+

MetawarsImagine a world that has the best circus in the world, the fastest roller coasters and the most fabulous food – and every time you visit it, you can fly! That is the world of the Metasphere where, in a future time, people go for entertainment, to meet friends and to work. The real world, however, is crumbling as energy sources dry up and governments fall apart.

As the Metasphere grows in importance, who should be in charge of it? The person who created it, or the people themselves? The battle is on to take control of the Metasphere and teenage Jonah finds himself at the heart of the action.

This is an action-packed story with the world’s best ever computer game at its heart! There are flying dragons, restaurants in the sky, ghosts you can talk to and sports you can only dream of.

Published by Orchard Books – £5.99


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