Evie and The Animals sequel Evie in the Jungle is out now!

Find out more about the book below!

Meet Evie.

She might seem like a normal eleven-year-old but when Evie talks to animals, they talk back.

This leads her on all sorts of WILD adventures.

You can read about them in Evie and the Animals โ€“ where Evie needs to save the animals of her local town from an evil pet thief โ€“ and in Evie in the Jungle, a special book for World Book Day where Evie comes up with a rather risky plan to help save the Amazon rainforest.

These brilliant books, written by bestselling Matt Haig, will make you laugh out loud, cheer on Evie and her awesome plans, and fall in love with the weird and wonderful animals that she meets.

Dare to be you!

Evie in the Jungle is a ยฃ1 World Book Day book.

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