‘Farmer Clegg’s Night Out’

For younger children

Farmer Clegg’s Night Out

By Peter Bently, Jim Field

FarmerCleggsNightOutAge: 3+

This book has a rappin’ horse, an opera-singing chicken, more jazz-playing geese than you can shake a feather at, and, best of all, the pig mariachi! The farmyard is having a talent show and all the animals are ready to do their best. Hooves are sparkling, fur and feathers brushed and shining.

What no one reckoned on was Farmer Clegg joining in – while he is sleep walking! And he dances the best tarantella of all! (and a bit of air-guitar too).

But who is going to win the competition? Can Farmer Clegg top the best of his talented farmyard animals?

Published by Macmillan – £6.99


For older children

Granny Grabbers’ Whizz Bang World

By Charlotte Haptie

GrannyGrabberAge: 8+

Delilah Smart probably has the worst childhood ever. She must not eat icecream, she’s not allowed any friends, and she can only play with toys that will teach her educational things like the Sir Isaac Newton Brain Building Bear.

Since her very smart and hardworking parents are far too busy to look after her, Delilah has a robot to do the job. Luckily for Delilah, robot Granny Grabbers has a few loose wires and Delilah gets to eat chocolate, play on trampolines, build an aeroplane out of household objects and orders pets off the internet.

But what will happen when Childcare Solutions send a new robot – with all its wires intact and designed to remove all imagination?! Can Delilah keep Granny Grabbers off the scrapheap?

Look out for a singing bear, a juggling gerbil and a robot with real attitude.

Published by Hodder – £5.99


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