‘Five Minutes Peace’ and ‘Amazing Esme’

For younger children

FiveMinutesPeaceFive Minutes’ Peace

By Jill Murphy

It’s great to have mum around all the time, but sometimes mums seem to want to disappear…. which is what this story is all about.

Lester wants to play his recorder to mum, Laura wants to read to her, and the little one wants her to play with his toys. The trouble is, Mrs Large wants five minutes of peace and she’s in the bath trying to find it.

Then, “Can I see the cartoons in the paper?” asks Laura, “Can I have the cake?” asks Lester, and “Can I get in with you?” asks the little one (in the end they ALL got in).

Look out for some really messy children, lots of soggy toys and three minutes and 45 seconds of peace for mum! It’s a story that your mums and dads will enjoy very much, and you might too.

Published by Walker Books


For older children

AmazingEsmeAmazing Esme

By Tamara Macfarlane

In this story a circus girl called Esme goes to stay at her uncle’s castle for the summer holidays. She is full of circus tricks and the castle is full of birds, strange animals and her tearaway cousins, Magnus, Cosmo and Gus.

Esme’s circus acts come in handy – she can somersault out of castle windows, do a trapeze act between the towers and built a helter-skelter – but her skills are soon called upon for a much more important reason: to keep everyone in the castle fed until her uncle comes home in a week’s time.

Look out for baby penguins under the bed, a horse called Donk, some kangaroos, a flock of vultures, and a brilliant circus fairground.

Published by Hodder Children’s Books – £9.99


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