‘Jump on Board the Animal Train’ and ‘The Get Rich Quick Club Kerching!’

For younger children

Jump on Board the Animal Train

By Naomi Kefford & Lynne Moore

Age: 3+

JumpOnBoardAnimalTrainA clip-clopping, trip-trapping, click-clacking journey to meet the train – Jump on board and off we go!

One little boy is going on a fantastic journey to meet a train. On the way he is joined by bears, elephants, tigers and more – but just wait until the birthday boy gets to the train and the biggest surprise in store!

You can follow the animal clues on the split pages to guess which animal is coming up next and join in with all the sounds the animals make – the tiger’s tail swishes, the bear’s paws pad, the elephant’s feet plod.

And look out for the cheeky monkeys, the happy hippo and the singing penguins in the final surprise!

Published by Simon & Schuster


For older children

The Get Rich Quick Club Kerching!

By Rose Impey

Age: 7+

GetRichClubEver planned to make your millions while you’re still at school? So does the Get Rich Quick Club – but their ideas for doing so are daft, dangerous and doomed to failure!

They’re also quite a laugh and this book is extra value for money as it has two fabulous stories.

The Sneaky Peeky Crew sees the gang providing a security service for neighbours. Look out for lots of dog poo, missing eggs and a nighttime adventure that goes horribly wrong.

In the Bogie of Doom, the gang starts to sell drinks in hot weather. Harmless you think, but throw pancake-tossing into the mixture and you can bet the gang will end up with egg on their faces…

Look out for greedy foxes, circus-performing dogs, lots of cupcakes and a massive pancake bonfire….! You may even, occasionally, find an excellent business tip hidden among their exploits.

Published by Orchard


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