Kay’s Incredible Inventions book is out now!

A fascinating and fantastically funny guide to inventions that changed the world (and some that definitely didn't).

Do you ever wonder where the stuff around you all came from?

No, not from the shops. I mean, who had the amazing idea of making video games or the annoying idea of building a school?

In the latest laugh-out-loud book from Adam Kay and Henry Paker, youโ€™ll learn about everything ever invented, from the daft to the disgusting to the downright dangerous.

Youโ€™ll discover all about:

  • The queen who pooed on the first ever toilet
  • How velcro was invented by a dog
  • Why the Ancient Greeks wiped their bums on dinner plates

As well as 48,762,851,208 other facts. (Approximately.)

You can get your copy at Amazon, Waterstones, Bookshop and more!

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