‘Lenny Long-legs’ and ‘Dinosaur Olympics’

For younger children

Lenny Long-legs

By Sam Lloyd

Age: 2+

LennyLonglegsLenny has long legs (no surprises there) but more surprising is that Lenny is an alien, and he’s blue. His legs are also very busy and he can never keen them still for very long. What Lenny enjoys is especially is doing one thing with his legs, and then doing its opposite.

Luckily, you can help Lenny keep busy by putting your own fingers inside his legs and wiggling them about for him to follow the story – a little like a puppet inside a book.

So Lenny’s legs go up, then down; he runs fast and then slow to the swimming pool; and when he arrives at the pool, he does a big jump and then a little jump.

By the end of the story, however, Lenny has found a way to relax so you, and the alien, can both do –Nothing!

Published by Templar


For older children

Dinosaur Olympics

By Jeanne Willis, Arthur Robins

Age: 7+

DinosaurOlympicsDarwin, the young stegosaurus, and his family are throwing a great party when it is gate-crashed by T Rex Flint Beastwood and his scary gang. War looms – until the Mayor Boris decides that a new idea, the Olympic Games, will help peace to break out between the herbivores (‘the veggies’) and the carnivores….

These natural competitors aren’t going to keep it clean though, and each tries to outwit the others using whatever it takes – supergluing the equipment, kidnapping competitors or bribes of donuts. There is just one rule – anyone found eating another competitor is out!

Look out for dinosaurs shadow-boxing, a mammoth in a bikini, dinosaur poo in the longjump and a pterodactyl doing the highjump. And a laugh a minute – it really is the funniest Olympics story you’ll come across this year.

Published by Piccadilly Press -£5.99


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