Make DIY slime with Karina Garcia’s new book!

There's even a slime recipe below!

We had fidget spinners, we had dabbing… now slime is totally the coolest thing!

Luckily you can become a slime master with Karina Garcia’s new book…

Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime has fifteen slime recipes, four of which are completely brand new!

There’s basic slime, slime with Orbeez, edible slime, and even a new soap slime that you can use in the shower.

The book is packed with cool, easy, make-at-home recipes and most slime contains just four ingredients!

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Along with four brand new recipes, the book also gives you amazing tips on how to store your slime.

Plus, you’ll learn cool new things you can do and facts about Karina!

Click here to get the book!

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