‘Make With Maisy’ and ‘Ghost Buddy’

For younger children

Make With Maisy

By Lucy Cousins

MakeWithMaisyAge: 2+

Maisy loves making things and knows just how to make the perfect houses out of boxes, blossom trees, useful pots and fancy vegetable prints – and that’s just to start with.

Feathers, buttons, beans and ribbons are among her favourite materials and Maisy and her friends show you just how to go about making your own useful and decorative things with all sorts of bits and pieces.

So if you’ve got another rainy day to while away, Maisy has lots of ideas in this book for fun things to make and do.

Published by Walker Books – £9.99


For older children

Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero

By Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver

GhostBuddy_ZeroToHeroAge: 9+

You might know Henry Winkler best as ‘the Fonz’ but he is also now an established children’s author – not bad given that he has always struggled with writing because he is dyslexic.

This is a story about Billy Broccoli and his ‘ghost buddy’. Although Billy has never wanted his own personal ghost, that is just what he gets when he accidentally ends up sharing a room with Porterhouse the Third (or ‘the Hoove’), a funny teenage ghost with attitude – and some big plans for Billy.

With the school bully on his tail, Billy needs all the help he can get – but is the Hoove really going to be able to help?!

Look out for ghosts (of course), lots of pranks and twists, and laughs aplenty.

Published by Scholastic – £5.99


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