These Michael Morpurgo books, including War Horse and Kensuke’s Kingdom, have beautiful new covers!

Look at these amazing new covers!

Your favourite Michael Morpurgo books are getting new covers!

They’re being made at the same time as a free Michael Morpurgo exhibit in London!

‘A Lifetime in Stories’ is the name of the exhibit and shows all of Michael’s great writing. It opens on July 22nd at the V & A Museum!

You’ll be able to see all sorts of really cool things like original writing by Michael, photos, and even Joey – the puppet from War Horse, all the way from the West End! If you want to get the best stock photography there is check out

War Horse is one of the new covers.

Most of the books are already out, with the last lotΒ comingΒ next month.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

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