‘Mouse’s Christmas Wish’ and ‘Windvale Sprites’

For younger children

MousesChristmasWishMouse’s Christmas Wish

By Judi Abbot

Age: 3+

This story has a special message about the importance of friendship and sharing, perfectly wrapped up in a sparkly, seasonal cover.

Rabbit decides to invite all her friends – Duck, Bear, Dog, Mole and Mouse – to stay with her for Christmas. Mouse goes into a frenzy of activity to get ready to go, while the other animals set off at a leisurely pace on their journeys to Rabbit’s house.

After a number of mishaps, Mouse decides it is safer to stay at home in bed – but Rabbit’s guests soon arrive to change his mind and there is a funny twist in the final pages, too.

The snowy scenes, frosty forests and a glimpse of Santa at the end all help deliver the message that Christmas is just around the corner – and the best way to spend it is with those you love.

Published by Corgi – £5.99

For older children

WindvaleSpritesWindvale Sprites

By Mackenzie Crook

Age: 9+

Mackenzie Crook is better known as an actor from The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean, but here he has turned his hand to writing his first book for children and it is a magical story that is perfect for this time of year.

The Great Storm of 1987 left a huge amount of damage in its wake but for one boy, Asa Brown, it brings a much bigger surprise when he discovers a strange creature in his garden the day after the storm. At first he thinks he’s found a special kind of dragon-fly but he gradually realizes that what he has found is a real fairy, a sprite.

With Asa’s discovery comes a quest in which he solves a local mystery, discovers the truth about a local legend Benjamin Tooth, returns a vital lost object to a community, and ultimately makes friends with the sprites.

Crook has also illustrated his story with black and white illustrations – what a talented pirate!

Faber and Faber – £9.99


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