‘My Granny is a Pirate’ and ‘Undead Ed and the Devil’s Finger’

For younger children

My Granny is a Pirate

By Val McDermid, Arthur Robins


‘My family has a secret

I’m not allowed to tell.

They’d chase me if I told you

And then chase you as well….’

And the secret is – granny is a pirate! She has sailed the seven seas, captured pirate ships, climbed the rigging and kept a pirate parrot. She even had a pirate dog called Jolly Roger! After every adventure, though, granny made sure she was home in time for tea. Now granny has promised that if her secret is kept, she’ll make us all pirates!

Look out for lots of pirate treasure, secret passages, scaredy cat pirates (granny made them walk the plank), skeleton robbers, and pirate grog!

Published by Orchard


For older children

Undead Ed and the Devil’s Finger

By David Grimstone


Ed is undead and is keen to move on but he’s got a problem in the form of an evil clown who made a pact with the devil… and now four of Ed’s fingers belong to Satan!

Ed’s rogue hand is proving to be a real liability, especially when it drags him into a graveyard on the hunt for a lump of Edam cheese. Before he knows it, Ed is facing a pitched battle to the death to rid himself of the devil to reclaim his four digits. Yup, being undead sucks!

During Undead Ed’s crazy adventures, you’ll get to meet an incensed werewolf (‘like a big carpet with teeth’), see the devil in the flesh (‘massive’) and find out what it’s like to lose most of your body parts…. Not for the faint hearted! But if you like horror, laughs and the undead, it’s perfect!

Published by Hodder


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