‘Never Say No to a Princess’ and ‘The Curse of the Bogle’s Beard’

For younger children

Never Say No to a Princess

By Tracey Corderoy and Kate Leake

NeverSayNoToPrincessAge: 3+

This story features a princess (who is used to getting her own way), a dragon, lots of tears and a very soggy castle.

Now this princess has always had everything she’s ever wanted but there comes a day when she asks for something she can’t have – a dragon! Since the King and Queen can’t give her what she wants, she cries and cries and cries and cries – so much so, that everything is swept away on a tide of tears, including the princess herself.

And that is how she ends up in a forest, wet and all alone, with a dragon! But all she wants is to get home – will the dragon help her? Look out for lots of sparkly pink stuff, animals toasting marshmallows and a cute little pug who follows the princess everywhere!

Published by Alison Green Books – £6.99


For older children

The Curse of the Bogle’s Beard

By Siobhan Rowden, Mark Beech

CurseOfBoglesBeardAge: 8+

This book has lots of slurping and burping, strange things disappearing into dark corners, disgusting bogles and lots of very dark humour….

Barnaby’s dad has disappeared so Barnaby is forced to go and live with his gruesome Granny’s Hogsflesh, who has a passion for pickles – so look out for lots of pickled goldfish, pickled face cream and even pickled rubbish!

But there are strange and sinister things afoot in granny’s house; weird things happen at night, no one can get into the locked cellar and don’t mention the long forgotten family secrets.

Can Barnaby get to the bottom of it before his dad meets a rather sticky ending….?

Published by Scholastic – £5.99


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