Not on a School Night and Claude at the Circus

For younger children

Not on a School Night  – By Rebecca Patterson

NotOnASchoolNightThe holidays may be over, but there is still plenty of time for fun for these two small boys – especially at night time.

These boys LOVE bedtime! On Monday nights, they play Super Boy and Little Flash, on Tuesday night they are Triceratops, Wednesday night is when they do the Big Jump from the top of their beds, and on Thursday, they dress up. And every night, Mum shouts, ‘Not on a school night!’

Friday nights, though, are special. It’s Not a School Night, and that means plenty more time for lots of fun…. and just wait till Saturday morning!

Look out for lots of jumping, loads of naughtiness, oodles of soft toys – and some sleeping!


For older children


Claude at the Circus – By Alex T Smith

ClaudeAtTheCircusRoll up! Roll up! Come and enjoy all the fun and thrills of the circus with a very small dog, and a sock, in Claude at the Circus!

Claude is a small dog with a big appetite for adventure. One day he and his friend Sir Bobblysock (who is a sock) decide to visit the park.

Now, when you and I decide to visit a park, we might want to play on the swings a bit and then have an icecream. When Claude and Sir Bobblysock visit the park, however, they end up having a lot more fun than that.

First, there’s jogging with some funny-looking people, then sleeping in a flowerbed, saving a runaway baby and finally being the star act in the local circus.

Claude discovers he is the only dog in the world who can climb a trapeze, sit on the high wire and dunk a biscuit in his tea, and be fired from a cannon to arrive home just in time for tea….


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