Our books of the week!

These are our favourite books of the week..

LionAndMouseFor Younger Children:

Lion and Mouse         By Catalina Echeverri

Lion is spectacular! He is strong, he is loud and he is very big, especially compared to one small mouse.

Lion and Mouse live next door to each other, and they are good friends. Except for one thing. Lion, who is the biggest, the strongest and the loudest, likes to tell Mouse how much bigger and better he is. All The Time. He is so big and loud and strong that Mouse simply gets squeeeezed off the page.

However, there is one thing that Lion doesn’t like at all, and that’s the dark. But when Lion finds himself in the dark this time, will Mouse come and save him? And has Lion learned his lesso?!


YouMeAndThingFor Older Children:

You, Me and Thing: The Mummy that went Moo                By Karen McCombie

This story is about a small jelly baby-eating Thing that can also fly and do magic.

When Muir Wood is chopped down to make way for new houses, Jackson and Ruby discover something hiding in their garden – a small Thing that used to live in the woods. It has wings but can’t fly and magic that it can’t control.

Needless to say, adventures follow and in this story, they take Thing with them on a school trip to the local museum to try to find out how old Thing is. Soon they are up to their necks in trouble, including school bullies, vanishing mummies, trouble twins and a baboon mummy going ‘Moo’!


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