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The Cosmic Diary of our Incredible Universe

Are you bursting to know the answers to really big questions…?

Like… How old is the universe? How hot was the Big Bang? How are stars made? What happens when galaxies collide? What is a Black Hole? What does Cosmic Soup taste like? Does extra-terrestrial life exist?

Well, put on your seatbelts and blast into space with your guide, astronaut Tim Peake, in this fascinating adventure through space, time and the diary of our truly incredible universe.

A fascinating book that will appeal to kids hungry to know more about space, the universe and our place in it.

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Coming soon: The Cosmic Diary of a Future Space Explorer

Future astronauts needed!

Pull on your spacesuit and join real-life astronaut Tim Peake in an epic journey to discover the future of space travel.

Will you accept the mission?

Everything aspiring astronauts need to know to prepare for a new era of space exploration!

Coming October 2024.

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Explosive, action-packed adventures from Tim Peake and Steve Cole.

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