‘School for Bandits’ and ‘Captain Mack and the Abominable Snow Monster’

For younger children

school-banditsSchool for Bandits

By Hannah Shaw

Age: 3+

If you think desks should be used to do somersaults over, that hockey sticks are for fighting with and that science should be about learning to make stink bombs, then Bandit School could be for you!

Bandit School does have rules though – there is strictly no washing allowed, you must pick your nose and throw your food, and you should NEVER say ‘thank you’. In short, it’s the perfect place for young racoon bandits.

Sadly, Ralph isn’t your average racoon. He waters flowers, he is well-behaved and he even brushes his teeth! It’s time he went to Bandit School to learn some bad manners. But burping, fighting and being messy aren’t quite up his street.

Luckily, Ralph finds a way to show all the other bandits that saying please, thank you and being nice can bring rewards….

Published by Jonathan Cape – £5.99


For older children

CaptainMack_AbominableMonsterCaptain Mack and the Abominable Snow Monster

By John Lomas-Bullivant

Age: 5+

Captain Mack is a hero; he has a square chin and he tells bad jokes.  So he is sent to rescue some stranded climbers, trapped in their tents under lots of snow.

Unfortunately, the sound of his Sky Rocket engines wakes the abominable snow monster. And no sooner has he dispatched the snow monster than Sunshine City is terrorised by a giant spider, which is a problem for the mayor who is very afraid of spiders.

This is a brilliant graphic novel with lots of action and some great characters. Look out for a villain called Tracy Trickster, who dresses in pink, lots of snow and a rather nasty spider, as well as lots of heroic activity. Sky Rockets to the Rescue!

Published by Walker Books – £4.99


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