‘Six Little Chicks’ and ‘The Magnificent Moon Hare’

For younger children

Six Little Chicks

By Jez Alborough

SixLittleChicksFox is on the prowl! And that means trouble!

This story about five plucky chicks outsmarting the cunning fox is bound to become a favourite – and it is perfectly times for Easter.

Mother hen becomes increasingly frantic about protecting her five young chicks as fox is on the prowl. First goose, then hen, sees him in the farmyard. The chicks, meanwhile, are happily cheeping, pecking, flapping and hopping – until they come face to face with fox!

Luckily he proves no match for the little chicks’ cheeping, pecking and flapping, or indeed their hopping, and the little chicks see him off! Just in time for the arrival of chick number six.

Published by Doubleday – £10.99


For older children

The Magnificent Moon Hare

By Sue Monroe

Age: 7+

MagnificentMoonHareA tale of a spoiled princess, a magical moon hare, and a dragon called Sandra. There’s also cheating, beheading and lots of eating (the dragon LOVES to eat cooks, servants, knights, maids etc etc – but not moon hares or princesses, fortunately, or there’d be no story….).

The story is about PJ Petulant, a spoiled and rather bored princess who wants ‘fun and games and jokes and tricks and lots of fantastic stuff’! She also wants to get her own way, all of the time, and when she demands the Moon Hare (who lives in the moon) she expects to get him, too.

When Moon Hare does appear one night, PJ Petulant soon realises that she has got rather more than she bargained for as Moon Hare is just as adept at getting his own way as she is. Throw in a dragon called Sandra (who is actually a boy dragon) into the mix, a king who cheats and another kind who doesn’t like cheats, and chaos is sure to follow…

Published by Egmont Press – £5.99


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