Skulduggery Pleasant: Meet the Gang

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant. He’s a detective, powerful magician, smart dresser and – probably most noticeably! – he’s dead.

Skulduggery is a 400 year old skeleton who together with the other members of the Sanctuary are constantly battling evil forces to try and keep the world safe.

So even though he may not actually look like it – or sometimes act like it either! – he is one of the good guys.

And you can follow his adventures in the series of books by Derek Landy called Skulduggery Pleasant!

There are currently 6 books out in the series with a new one, Kingdom of the Wicked, coming out on 30th August. To find out more visit

To help you get an idea as to the… colourful characters you can expect to meet in the series here are some cool charaacter profiles.