‘Slobcat’ and ‘Winnie Goes for Gold’

For younger children


SlobcatBy Paul Geraghty

Age: 2+

Now you know how, whenever you see your cat, it is either sleeping, about to sleep, or dead to the world asleep? Because that’s what cats do, right? They sleep. Sometimes they are soooo sleepy they don’t even have the energy to eat. Really, cats are incredibly lazy, aren’t they?

Well, if your cat is anything like Slobcat, you will need to think again. Slobcat’s owner thinks he is the laziest cat in the whole world but when you find out what slobcat is really getting up to, you realise what clever creatures cats are.

In his spare time, Slobcat is thieving fresh fish from the shop, saving kittens from terrifying dogs – and mice from scary mouse traps – keeping the rats at bay and protecting the garden from foxes and snakes.

But in this story, he does all this away from the eyes of his owner. So she still thinks Slobcat is the laziest cat in the world. How about yours?

Published by Andersen Press – £5.99


For older children

Winnie Goes for Gold

WinnieGoesForGoldBy Laura Owen, Korky Paul

Age: 5+

Winnie and her cat Wilbur get up to some madcap adventures in this book which includes four fabulous new stories.

Winnie has lots of kind intentions but they don’t always end well. When she throws a party for her friends and family she ends up having to get the gentle giant from next door to throw them all out! Next she puts out special food for the birds, and waits, and waits, to see a Dodo (she doesn’t know they are extinct..…),  and when she tries her hand at babysitting, she gives the baby pink worms to eat (which it loves!).

Finally, though, she gets it right and manages to put some Olympic fun into the school sports day when she is charged by a swarm of angry bees, and has the best time of all hurdling, sprinting and swimming her way to safety.

Winnie’s antics are fantastically funny. Look out for the dancing ducks, the talking baby, a flying ostrich and lots of witches behaving very badly!

Published by OUP – £4.99


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