‘Small Knight’ and ‘Me, the Queen and Christopher’

For younger children

Small Knight and George and the Pirates

By Ronda Armitage and Arthur Robins

SmallKnightPiratesAge: 3+

This story has pirates galore, bags of treasure and peril on the high seas!

Small Knight’s mum and dad are worried – their castle is old and in danger of falling down but they don’t have any money to repair it. So they come up with a plan – Small Knight and his dragon, George, can become a pirate and steal some treasure!

Now, while Small Knight’s favourite game is pirates, he’s not sure about being a pirate for real but he sets sail with a ship and a map and a pirate crew, and hopes for the best. Soon he’s on the trail of the Smelly Rose pirate ship which is laden with treasure! But then, things take an unexpected twist.

Look out for parrots galore, the nasty Captain Swashmebuckle, and treasure on the high seas! (And a very big party at Small Knight’s castle!)

Published by Orchard – £10.99


For older children

Me, the Queen and Christopher

By Giles Andreae, Tony Ross

Me_TheQueen_ChristopherAge: 6+

The Queen’s Jubilee is just around the corner and this story tells us what life might really be like behind the doors of Buckingham Palace!

Freya is the luckiest girl alive – she’s been picked to spend a day with the Queen! But she soon finds out that life as a queen is not all tiaras and lobster. In fact the queen eats baked beans, likes dancing around in her tracksuit, and LOVES cupcakes! (and her favourite pair of knickers have dogs on them!)

She and Freya make loads of cakes for Freya to take home to her disabled younger brother, Christopher. But it’s Christopher’s turn to have a treat when the queen spots them both during her royal parade two week’s later – and Christopher gets to ride in her carriage.

Look out for posh butlers, lots of corgies, soldiers with furry hats and – The Queen!!

Published by Orchard – £4.99


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