Supertato: Hap-pea Ever After!

It's one of the World Book Day ยฃ1 books!


Supertato is heading on a new adventure just in time for World Book Day!

It’s night-time in the supermarket an Supertato is on the look out for the perfect bedtime story.

But, hang on a second, all of the books in the supermarket have disappeared

He’ll never find a bedtime story if there aren’t any books to choose from…

This must be the work of The Evil Pea!

Can Supertato save the books? Will the supermarket EVER get to sleep?

Find out in the is un-PEA-lievable new adventure.

Supertato: Hap-pea Ever After is one of the ยฃ1 World Book Day Books. Click here to find out more!

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