‘The Jungle Run’ and ‘Genie in Training’

For younger children

JungleRunThe Jungle Run

By Tony Mitton, Guy Parker-Rees

Age: 3+

Rhino, hippo, elephant and croc are all gearing up for The Jungle Run. As they charge through the course, jumping, swinging, swimming and running, they don’t notice that the smallest competitor, little Cub, is getting ahead.

Cub is small enough to slip through the vine net, light enough for the creeper swing, and nimble enough to cross the stepping stones in the river. And when they all get to the finish, with a splash, will Cub be first at the finish line? (You bet she will!)

Look out for a surfing hippo, a flying elephant, a very drippy snake and a diving croc – and a small cub with bags of attitude, and lots of cake!

Published by Orchard – £5.99


For older children

Genie in Training

GenieInTrainingBy Ciaran Murtagh

Age: 7+

CBBC star Ciaran Murtagh (he’s the tall one with red hair) writes books as well as acting in shows like The Slammer.

In this story, we find out what it must be like to be a genie! Jamie is gobsmacked when his gran gives him a teapot for his birthday – and even more so when it turns out to have a genie living in it! Even better, he gets some wishes but when he accidentally wishes he was a genie, he is wooshed off to the best genie school in town.

Being a genie is great fun, but it’s also a risky business. Expect magic carpet racing, clouds that turn into food, wish-granting – and lots of strange-looking lamps!

Published by Piccadilly Press – £5.99


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