‘The King Who Wouldn’t Sleep’ and ‘The Great Piratical Rumbustification’

For younger children

The King Who Wouldn’t Sleep

By Debbie Singleton, Holly Swain

KingWhoWouldntSleepAge: 3+

We all know that a perfect princess needs a perfect prince and in this story, the King sets out to find the right prince to marry his beautiful daughter; the King resolves that he will not rest until he has found a perfect prince for her.

However, the search is long and tedious, and none of the princes is quite right. Eventually, a young farmer comes along who has a cunning plan – a plan that will involve many animals and which will trick the King into falling asleep.

With the King safely out the way, can the princess finally find her true love? Look out for some chickens, a handful of dogs, a few pigs and about 100 sheep – and loads and loads of not-perfect princes. There is also a happy ending involving lots more sheep, some cake and a very sleepy king.

Published by Andersen Press – £10.99


For older children

The Great Piratical Rumbustification

By Margaret Mahy, Quentin Blake

GreatPiraticalRumbustificationAge: 7+

Yo ho ho! These pirates are restless and what they need is a jolly good party. And the Terrapin family’s house looks like a great place to hold it!

When Alpha, Oliver and Omega Terrapin are left at home for the evening, they expect a boring, quiet night. But their mischievous babysitter Orpheus Clinker has other ideas. He might have reformed into a respectable babysitter, but the former pirate can’t resist the chance to hold the biggest pirate party the town has ever seen!

Look out for loads of pirate party games, some pirate stew, a bit of pirate rum, and a night to remember for them all!

Published by Orion Children’s Books – £4.99


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