‘The Three Pigs’ and ‘Shrek’

For younger children

The Three Pigs

By David Wiesner

TheThreePigsAge: 4+

If you think the three little piggies in your fairy tales are bound to end up in the belly of a big bad wolf, then think again.

In this story, the three little pigs don’t take their fate lying down. They don’t fancy the idea of being eaten by Wolf, so they escape by leaping out of the pages of the story. And that’s when their real adventure starts – flying through the air, making friends with a cat and rescuing a dragon from a prince!

Join the piggies on their hunt for a new story as they defeat the wolf, discover new landscapes and write their own ending – which is most definitely happily ever after!

Published by Andersen Press – £5.99


For older children


By William Steig

Shrek-book-2012Age: 9+

Is Shrek one of your favourite films? Then you might want to take a look at this story which was the inspiration for the film. This original Shrek is a lot uglier, scarier, more powerful and far more unpleasant than the one most of us recognize from the cinema.

This Shrek can cook food by glaring at it, spit flames and blow smoke from his ears. If a snake were foolish enough to bite him, it would die, and even the trees get out of the way to let Shrek by. Yup, he’s one repulsive ogre. Like the original story, he finds a maiden he wants to marry, although this one is even uglier than he is. And they both lived horribly ever after!

Look out for the talking donkey, a brave but foolish knight, a fierce dragon and lots of danger – but none of it is a match for Shrek!

Published by Particular Books – £12.99


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