The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner and other stories by Terry Pratchett, out now in paperback!

Check out this fantastically funny collection of tales!

Do you believe in magic? Can you imagine a war between wizards? An exciting journey in an airship, or down in a submarine? If yes, then these stories are for you. 

This week we’ve been checking out The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner by the brilliant storyteller, Sir Terry Pratchett.

It’s a collection of fourteen stories that will keep you laughing until Christmas (or at least until Halloween!). It’s packed full of crazy characters and wild adventures featuring food fights, pirates, wizards and crooks! Plus there are some great illustrations by Mark Beech.

You can read more and listen to an extract from the first story below or click here to find out more.

Poor Mr Swimble is having a bad day.

Rabbits are bouncing out of his hat, pigeons are flying out of his jacket and every time he points his finger, something magically appears – cheese sandwiches, socks . . . even a small yellow elephant on wheels!

It’s becoming a real nuisance – and he’s allergic to rabbits.

His friends at the Magic Rectangle can’t help, but the mysterious vacuum cleaner he saw that morning may have something to do with it . . .

You can listen to a clip from the book by pressing play above!

The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner is out now –

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