Top 5 best super powers chosen by you!


Compton Valance is back in a brand-new adventure – Compton Valance: Super F.A.R.Ts versus the Master of Time!

33_compton_valance3_front_coverFresh from saving the universe, Compton and Bryan are whisked off to the future to become trainee Time Crime Agents!

However, their adventure is cut short when a notorious criminal mastermind escapes from a maximum security prison and kidnaps Bryan!

Compton must race against time to save his best friend and the world from evil… using only a slimy sandwich!

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Compton’s sandwich is pretty special as it gives him the super power to time travel – so we wanted to know what super power you’d like to have?

Hundreds of you got in touch with all sorts of amazing suggestions. Michael wants to be able to clone himself so one of him could sneak out of school and have fun while the other would learn! Ethan would love to be able to communicate with animals so he could help them when they’re scared or hurt! And Callum wants the power to make it rain candy floss!

Here are the top 5 super powers chosen by you.

5. Time travel


“Time travel so I could go back and see history in real time!”
– Henry, aged 8

“I want to be able to time travel so I can have awesome adventures like Compton!”
– Joel, aged 10

4. Psychic Powers


“I want the power of suggestion so people do what I tell them to so then I could them to give me sweets and they would!”
– Isaac, aged 7

“To have psychic powers so I didn’t have to get up and get anything!”
– Cameron, aged 10

3. Super Strength


“I wish I had strength so I can fight crime.”
– Ashtin, aged 8

“I wish I could have super strength power so I could be fit, help people with things and save everyone when they want me help.”
– Mariam, aged 10

2. Invisibility


“I wish I could be invisible so I could win when I am playing hide and seek. Nobody would be able to find me and it would be really funny.”
– Irfaan, aged 12

“I want to be invisible so I could watch people and play tricks on them without getting into trouble – especially on my sister!”
– Peter, aged

1. Flying


“Flying! I could get everywhere more quickly and see everything.”
– Isaac Porteus, aged 8

“I wish I could fly so I can go wherever I wanted to in the world.”
– Alex, aged 8

“The power to fly, so that I could go to places quicker and visit all the places I want to go to in the world!!”
– Henry, aged 8

“To be able to fly, then I’d fly to Disneyland Florida… and rescue people.”
– Kieran, aged 11

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