‘Total Terrifying Three’ and ‘Super Animal Adventure Squad’

For younger children

The Totally Terrifying Three

By David Melling

TotallyTerrifyingThreeThis is story has a totally terrifying dragon, a terrible witch and a huge and dangerous giant. They are so terrifying that the dragon frightens himself every time he looks in a mirror. The witch thinks she is horribly terrible. And the giant gets a shock each time he catches sight of himself.

When you look at them, though, you probably won’t be frightened at all. The dragon looks like he could do with a cuddle, the witch is too small to be scary, and the giant is, well, funny rather than bad.

When they come across a toddler, called Not-So-Tiddly, he calls the witch ‘sweet’ and the giant ‘nice’ and gives the dragon a hug. Instead of eating him, the not-so-terrifying three decide to get together and have loads of fun keeping small children entertained.

Find out how a dragon takes a dog for a walk, how you can fit a giant into a mini car, and what these not-so-terrifying creatures do to scare themselves silly!


For older children

Super Animal Adventure Squad

By James Turner

SuperAnimalAdventureSquadDisappearing cakes, mad scientists and mutant ants are just some of the challenges facing our heroes, the Super Animal Adventure Squad. But nothing is too much for Agent K, Agent Bearbot the robot and agents Rex and Irwin.

Together they can solve any crime and no mystery is too challenging. Look out for disappearing ancient relics, the dastardly Green Beard the Pirate and the Curse of the Moon Spoon, all mysteries that need to be solved!

The stories are told in cartoon strips and the Super Animal Adventure Squad has its work cut out in this world of villainy, strange characters and heaps of pirates.

Look out for the Cat o’ Nine Tails (it’s at the vets!), the lemon soufflé pirate and a bee with a cutlass….


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