‘Whiffy Wilson’ and ‘Bugville’

For younger children

Whiffy Wilson: The Wolf Who Wouldn’t Wash

By Caryl Hart, Leonie Lord

Age: 3+

WhiffyWilsonproper‘There was a wolf called Wilson
Who never brushed his hair.
He never washed his paws or face
Or changed his underwear.’

And as you can probably imagine, this meant that Wilson was a bit whiffy! So expect lots of gross beasties, wiggly things smelly things, and fungus-between-the-toes when you read this story (yeuch!).

Luckily, mucky Wilson has a good friend called Dotty who teaches him the difference between good dirt (muddy knees, grubby hands, mucky clothes from having fun in the garden) and bad dirt (smelly clothes, itchy skin, germy hands from never washing!). Not so whiffy Wilson now has a bath every day.

Published by Orchard – £5.99


For older children


By Paul Howard

Age: 8+

BugvilleThink mean-looking slimy slugs, wrestling stag beetles, nasty gnats and creepy caterpillars and you’ve got Bugville, home to bugs, mini-beasts and small creatures. Some of them are nice, but many of them are nasty and it’s the job of Superfly and his side-kick, Midge, to sort the good from the bad, and to give the bad a good licking!

In this adventure, Superfly finds himself tied up and slowly being lowered into a barrel full of hungry baby spiders – and that’s just the start of big baddie Electro Slug’s plans to ruin Bugville!

Can Superfly escape the spiders, rescue his true love Freya the housefly, be nice to the Grand Master grasshopper AND get home in time for dinner and his favourite programme, Bugville?!

(Of course he can….)

Published by Egmont Press – £5.99


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