‘Winnie Under the Sea’ and ‘Terry Deary’s Pirate Tales’

For younger children

WinnieUnderSeaWinnie Under the Sea

By Valerie Thomas, Korky Paul

Everyone needs a holiday some time, even a witch, so Winnie and her cat Wilbur pack their cases and whiz off to a beautiful tropical island for some sun, sea and sand.

Winnie loves swimming with the fish and wants Wilbur to come and look at them too. Wilbur also wants to come and look at the fish (yum yum!) but cats hate water. So with a wave of her wand, Winnie turns Wilbur into a cat fish. Turning herself into an octopus, though, is a magic trick too far…. how will Winnie and Wilbur get back to shore…?

There are also lots of things for you to spot in the drawings, from all the number 13’s you can see (it’s Winnie’s favourite number!) fish eating fish, a hairy octopus and a special witchy ipad!

Published by OUP – £10.99


For older children

PirateLordTerry Deary’s Pirate Tales: The Pirate Lord

By Terry Deary

You might not think of the famous sailor Sir Francis Drake, who helped beat the Spanish Armada, as a pirate but read on and decide.

The year is 1577 and young Tom has been sold by his father for a piece of gold to a Captain Francis Drake. Life on board ship was no party in those days. But for those willing to brave it all, the Spanish galleons were waiting…

When their ship, The Golden Hind, returns to England three years later, Tom is rich beyond his dreams and Drake is now Sir Francis Drake. But what did it take them to get here? Was it really piracy?

You can see a replica of The Golden Hind at London Bridge and if you manage to visit it, you’ll wonder how something so small managed to survive three years at sea!

Published by A&C Black – £4.99


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