Witches (Un)Welcome by Kaye Umansky is out now!

Find out more about the book below!

There’s a brand new book by Kaye Umansky and illustrated by Ashley King!

It’s called Witches (Un)Welcome and it’s out right now in all good bookshops and online.

The story focuses on a town called Smallbridge, but, as is usual for Smallbridge, nothing exciting is happening.

Smallbridge doesn’t do excitement. They do gossip, though!

And now Elsie Pickles is the subject of the gossip as rumours spring up about her new magic skills…

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Things aren’t helped when Magenta Sharp, bored of running her mail-order service, Spells on Tap, opens up a pop-up magic shop next to Pickles’ Emporium.

Soon the town is overrun with witches, much to the annoyance of the magic-hating people of Smallbridge!

But maybe a little bit of magic is just the thing Smallbridge needs?

Get Witches (Un)Welcome now!

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