The World’s Worst Children 2, the new book by no. 1 bestselling author David Walliams, is out now!

Do you dare to meet the Worst Children in the World? Worse than you could ever imagine?

David Walliams is back with his hit story collection, The World’s Worst Children 2, featuring another line up of ten disgraceful children!

They’re even ruder, more revolting, and WORSERER than the last lot!

David created a book that would be very friendly for all children to read, full of humour and colourful illustrations by Tony Ross!

He said he is ‘thrilled to be unleashing these horrible children on the world’.

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Meet the characters!

We’ve picked three of our favourite kids from The World’s Worst Children 2!

Read on if you dare!

No No Noe

Noe doesn’t like saying yes… ever!

In fact, ‘no’ is the only word she ever says!

Noe has driven most of her teachers crazy with her refusal to say anything but NO!

Until that is, everyone’s favourite newsagent, Raj, comes up with an ingenious plan to get her to say YES!

Fussy Frankie

Frankie lives on a diet of chocolate and crisps and chocolate.

Frankie’s long-suffering mother decides it’s time for a food revolution – Frankie is going to eat his five a day!

Fussy Frankie however, has other ideas – and rebuffs the vegetables. Which is all very well, until the vegetables decide to fight back!

Cruel Clarissa

Clarissa looks adorable. She wears adorable pink dresses, has adorable hair, and an adorable singsong voice to boot.

But Clarissa is anything but adorable…When nobody is looking, she torments the neighbourhood’s cats. When her parents give her a

When her parents give her a kitten of her own, Clarissa sets to work teasing and tormenting poor Blossom to her heart’s content. Until Blossom and the local cats join forces and decide to get back.


The World’s Worst Children 2 is out now! It features 10 side-splitting stories everyone in the family will enjoy!

If you’ve still not read The World’s Worst Children, what are you waiting for?!

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