‘You Can’t Scare a Princess!’ and ‘The Giant Book of Giants’

For younger children

YouCantScareAPrincessYou Can’t Scare a Princess!

By Gillian Rogerson, Sarah McIntyre

There are pirates, there are princesses, and there are lots of roller skates in this story about roller-skating princesses and treasure-hungry pirates!

Princess Spaghetti is rollerskating with her father in the palace gardens when they see a pirate ship ahoy – and it is full of pirates. The pirates are looking for treasure in the castle and they decide to hold King Cupcake hostage until they find it!

Princess Spaghetti has to come to the rescue and she and her rollerskates save the day (although not the treasure…but you’ll need to read it to find out why)

This story has everything – a hot air balloon, fantastic treasure map, a delicious cupcake palace and some very excitable rollerskating pirates! (but no treasure….)

Published by Scholastic – £6.99


For older children

GiantBookOfGiantsThe Giant Book of Giants

On the cover of this book, is a big eye staring out at you, waiting to climb out of the pages of the book! Open the book, and you’ll find out who it belongs to – an enormous giant in a huge poster – bigger than you are. Could he be the last giant left on Earth…?

Just to show you how big this giant is, he uses a lighthouse for a torch and his handkerchief is the sail from Sinbad’s ship. Each of the coins in his pouch weighs the same as a wild boar. He’s also a bit gross – there are toadstools growing in his armpits!

Within the pages of the book, you can find out much more about legendary giants from around the world – Jack and the Beanstalk, the Curious Giantess, Coyote Tricks the Giant and Sinbad’s Third Voyage.

Incredible stories, brilliant illustrations, fabulous giants and some great heroes.

Published by Egmont – £14.99


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