Could you be a Story Detective? Tell us your story and be on the radio

We want you to help us find the best stories!

Do you like sharing stories? 

Do you think you could help find some stories to share with other listeners of Fun Kids?

We asked you to make a call to your most interesting relatives and Story Detectives is the result of all the amazing stories you gave us.

Listen all this week at 10.45am and 4.45pm to hear some of the most amazing true stories from relatives of Fun Kids listeners.

Plus if someone in your family has a story to tell, keep reading!

Could you be a STORY DETECTIVE?

We want to hear about your relatives that have interesting lives… It might be a story from their childhood that you’ve heard them tell before and think more people should hear. 

So, if you have a funny auntie or an interesting uncle, or a guardian or carer who comes from an interesting place, you could help share their story.

We’re looking for Fun Kids listeners to help us SHARE OUR STORIES – if that’s you, fill out the form below and you could end up being a story detective and telling a story on the radio!

Remember to always ask an adult before filling out forms online.

Contact: Story Detectives

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