Filmclub: Mosters, Inc. 3D!

Recently our friends at FILMCLUB went to see Monsters, Inc. in 3D!

Monsters, Inc. is a funny computer animation set in the city of Monstropolis, which is powered by energy from the screams of human children.

Mike and Sully

It’s the job of the workers at Monsters, Inc to collect them, but the trouble is, kids aren’t as easily frightened as they were once upon a time.

Things become a whole lot more complicated when top ‘scarer’ and giant blue bear ‘Sulley’ finds Boo, a 2-year-old girl from earth who has found her way into the monsters’ world.

Sulley and his best pal Mike Wazowski (the little green ball with only one eye) have to sort the situation out quickly, before they’re caught with Boo!

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Here’s what Charlotte, age 8 from FILMCLUB thought:

I loved the film Monsters Inc. My favourite characters are Boo and the Monsters. Boo is so cute and lovely. Her little, tiny baby voice is so sweet. Because her voice is sweet it makes me say, “Look at her. She is so small, cute and lovely.” As for the monsters I like them because they take care of the little girl and protect her like you would protect your own children!


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