Meet Little Princess and her friends!

Little-Princess-DVD-NurseLittle Princess is back with a brand new DVD Little Princess: I Love Animals!

Out on 25th March, join Little Princess and her friends for five episodes packed with exciting adventures at her royal castle. And the castle is going to be busy because Little Princess and her family are expecting some exciting guests!

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And to make sure you know what to expect, we thought we’d introduce you to Little Princess and all her friends!

littleprincess-princessLittle Princess

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Little Princess is a feisty four-year-old, who loves exploring and finding out about new things!

Be warned, she can have the odd tantrum when she doesn’t get what she wants, but it quickly passes and then no one can resist a flash of her big tooth grin!


Click play below to hear all about Horace!


Horace is Little Princess’ very own Shetland pony!

He can be a bit stubborn though and seem more like a donkey than a horse!


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You’ll always see the Maid busy around the walls of the castle, working hard to keep things clean.

She’s really nice and is often the person who Little Princess goes to for advice.


Click play below to hear all about the Chef!


If you’re wondering where all the yummy smells are coming from in the castle, then head to the kitchen!

The chef is always cooking up tasty treats in the royal kitchen – his piece de resistance is wobbly jelly!


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He may be a King, but he is really kind and always full of useful advice!

As Little Princess’ dad he’s also good at knowing when to say no!


Little Princess’ mum is warm-hearted and very kind.

She’s always there for her daughter, especially when she needs to stop her getting into trouble!

Just like Little Princess and the King, they all wear cool crowns!



If you see someone in a uniform riding around the castle on a hobby horse, that’ll be General and his horse Nessie!

He’s a good friend to Little Princess and is always there to help her out.

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