Planet Earth II is live in concert!

Tickets are available now...

Planet Earth II Live in Concert, from BBC Studios and BBC Natural History, is set to thrill audiences across the UK & Ireland with eight arena performances in March 2022.

These spectacular live concerts will be hosted by science and natural history TV presenter Liz Bonnin, with behind the scenes insights from Mike Gunton, the executive producer of the BAFTA and EMMYยฎ award-winning BBC television series. 

The shows will feature breathtaking footage. You will get to rub shoulders with our acrobatic primate cousins in the steaming jungles of Madagascar, race alongside fearsome hunting lions in the remote sandy deserts of Namibia, face stormy Antarctic seas with a family of penguins and feel the raw tension as a baby iguana tries to escape the clutches of deadly racer snakes in what has become an iconic piece of footage.

Plus, you’ll be tapping your toes along with dancing grizzly bears and be swept away by the bravery of a mother snow leopard!

The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the music.

The arena tour will run from 18th March through to 27th March 2022.

All under 14โ€™s tickets will include a ยฃ10 discount (excluding London Evening and Dublin show).

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