Why the Lion Danced @ Polka Theatre

Why The Lion Danced performed by Yellow Earth Theatre CompanyWhy the Lion Danced is a new play from Polka Theatre. It’s all about Chinese New Year and the ancient story of Nian.

Nian is a nasty monster that, every 13th moon, visits a village deep in the mountains of China. The villagers need to protect themselves and call on you, the audience, to help save them.

To help scare away the monster, you will have to learn the ‘Lion Dance’ and join in!

This show looks amazing and is brought to life by shadow play, live music, song, dance and a Lion from China.

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Event Info:

Where: Polka Theatre, Wimbledon

When: 20th February – 2nd March

Run Time: Approx. 50 Minutes

Age: 5-11

Price: £8-£12 Click here to book