18th June: New on DVD for Families

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Each week we tell you about our favourite new DVD releases for young kids to teens, under the age of 18.

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FILMCLUB DVD Film of The Week:

The Woman In Black (2012, 12)


Director: James Watkins

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Ciaran Hinds, Janet McTeer, Roger Allam

Prepare for a scare, as actor Daniel Radcliffe tackles a ghostly terror in his first film post-Harry Potter. A tense, gothic horror, based on a popular novel, it sees Radcliffe’s character – widowed 1900s lawyer, Arthur Kipps – sent to a remote English village to handle the affairs of a recently deceased eccentric.

But Arthur’s official duty quickly takes a back seat when a series of spine-tingling occurrences makes him realize that his client’s mansion is haunted. The spirit lost something precious in life and is now so hell-bent on revenge that not even children are safe from her wrath. Beautifully shot and nicely performed, this is a satisfying chiller that combines creepy, old school atmospherics with quick-jump shocks.

Not one for younger viewers, this film really is very scary indeed with Daniel Radcliffe stepping well away from his previous role as Harry Potter to be almost unrecognizable here. Unless you are prepared for a proper fright, it might be best to steer clear until you are a little older!

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